2018 Credit Card Protection Guide.


2018 Credit Card Protection Guide

Some time ago, I wrote on the Lessons from the Target Credit Card Data Breach that happened around December 2013. That was a long time ago, but the scale of that massive breach still has repercussions today. Since then, there have been other breaches and many more lessons have been learned.

Basically, we learned that credit card merchant compliance needs to be followed strictly or merchants risk losing their customers and their data. Weak credit card security is a major reason for credit card data thefts.

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Protecting Your Credit Cards

For 2018, I came across a great article that has information on how to go about Protecting Your Credit Cards and personal information. The article talks about Corporate Breaches, Phishing, Typosquatting, Telephone Scams, Skimming and also Physical Theft of card.

It also touches on what to look for if you think your identity has been compromised or stolen. Scan your credit card reports for Unexplained or incorrect expenses or small but consistent “test charges” among other things. Click here to read more on Protecting Your Credit Cards and dont forget to download the Free handy guide.


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