Free Merchant Account Anaylsis

If you are currently accepting credit cards for any type of account whether it is a Retail, Point-of-Sale, Mail Order, Telephone Order, eCommerce, Purchasing Card, etc; and want a free analysis of your current rates, Access Payment Systems can provide what you need.


With no obligation or any clever sales techniques:

  • We will review your current statements and show you where you can save money and what you should change.

  • Depending on your questions we can review your statements, review your contract or review your lease on any equipment you may have.


Below is what we could analyze and the information we could provide during our Free Merchant Account Analysis.


Tiered Pricing Structure

For tiered pricing we determine your base rate to see if the credit card pricing is separate from the check cards. Most companies give one rate and do not give merchants the benefit of a lower check card rate. We also show you if those base rates are at PAR with the industry and what can be saved.

On the tiered pricing we determine what your credit card surcharge rates are or otherwise known as the mid and non-qualified credit card rates. Many merchants don’t understand what these rates are usually because it was never disclosed in the initial sale and signing of the agreement. It is very important to know what these credit card rates are since they are triggered by the acceptance of award cards and business cards along with how the credit card transaction is entered.


Interchange Pricing Structure

If you are on credit card interchange pricing we not only review the mark-up the processor charges but we also determine if you have the correct industry code. A correct industry code will make sure you are receiving the full advantage of the lower interchange your industry may. For example, an educational institute will get better rates. Not all businesses have the benefit of a lower or specific industry interchange but some do and should be taking advantage of it.


Purchasing Cards

If you accept purchasing cards, we determine if you are taking advantage of Level 3 Line Item rates for P-Cards and show you how to begin receiving those types of rates.


Are You Paying “Hidden Charges”?

We review your credit card transaction per item fee along with the authorization fee, AVS fee and batch fee

We review any other miscellaneous fees such as the monthly statement fee, monthly gateway fee, monthly minimums, annual fee, PCI Compliancy fees and so on. There are such “hidden charges” levied by some providers.


Other Miscellaneous, But Important Checks.

We also review how you are submitting your credit card transactions and if you are using the most efficient method of submitting transactions. In many cases, merchants are set up with a credit card terminal but they will never be in a position to accept a credit card face to face and swipe it. There are more appropriate and efficient ways to submit these types of transactions and in many cases they are cheaper.

If you are not sure of the length of your credit card merchant agreement we can review your contract and show you your options on early cancellation and any fees that maybe involved.

If you have a lease agreement for a terminal or software we can review the contract to determine how long the agreement is, any options for cancellation and any pros or cons for staying with the contract or canceling.

If you simply want an explanation on how to read your statement we can provide that to. Sometimes they can be very confusing.


Switch & Save with Access Payment Systems

After the analysis we obviously would hope you decide to switch your processing to Access Payment Systems. But you can take whatever information we give you and approach your current provider and request these changes.

We value the relationship with our clients and take a personal approach to customer service. We believe you will not only save on your current rates and possibly even improve on your current transaction process but you will certainly notice a difference in your customer service experience.

Contact Us today.

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