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Access Payment Systems’ third generation Virtual Terminal has again set the bar in the electronic payments industry. This includes Credit card processing, debit card processing, ACH processing (EFT or electronic checks), Check Verification and Identity Verification in Real-Time.

Flexibility in Electronic Payments

This multifaceted Internet based virtual terminal is the ONLY virtual terminal available today that allows merchants to perform ACH, credit card, and debit card transactions in three different fashions: Single, future date, or recurring schedules in both debits and credits and both checking and savings for ACH processing. Virtual Terminal allows merchants to take payments in any environment. Point of Sale, over the phone, through the mail, through their web site and more. For ACH transactions that have been returned unpaid Virtual Terminal powerful re-presentment options can be configured to re-attempt payment immediately, on a specific day, or delayed by a number of days. If merchants obtain a secondary form of payment, such as a credit card or different bank account Virtual Terminal can even be configured to submit payments against it in the event they are returned unpaid.

One-System-for-Processing-VerificationA Premier Internet Based Payment Processing Solution

Virtual Terminal is PCI Compliant and supports a wide variety of point-of-sale hardware including check readers, check imagers, credit card readers, and receipt printers. It can also likely assist with most credit card processing online situations. Using these devices can help eliminate typographical errors and also qualify for the best possible transaction processing rates.

Virtual Terminal has also been engineered with many time-saving features and automatic validation features to increase accuracy and maximize productivity. Credit card account number and check ABA number validation occurs at time of data entry to minimize time wasted on handling administrative returns. Virtual Terminal also features extensive default settings that can be used to minimize keystrokes and errors by automatically filling data entry screens with the most common transactional information.

Each Virtual Terminal account comes standard with a system administrator account. With this account, the merchants are able to set up a virtually unlimited number of additional users, each with their own set of security, access, and transaction processing limit settings. Users can log in to the system from multiple locations worldwide, or they can be locked down to a single location through the use of IP limiting.

Virtual Terminal includes a complete suite of reports to help track receivables, better manage resources and maximize cash flow. Report data is automatically updated in real time and all data is encrypted and stored at our processors data center. Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, and a variety of other formats and also accessed via FTP.

Whether your business is retail, wholesale, telephone order, mail order, Internet, or service industry based, Virtual Terminal is the perfect choice to handle all of your financial transaction processing needs.

Virtual Terminal Features

  • Support for all major credit cards
  • Available integrated multi-level Real Time Check Verification
  • Available integrated customer Identity Verification
  • Powerful recurring transaction features
  • Automated customer email notifications
  • State-of-the-art re-presentment functions
  • Multi-location and multi-division support and reporting
  • Comprehensive security and reporting features
  • Lightning fast authorizations
  • VISA E-Commerce Indicator (ECI) support
  • Local stored data is encrypted
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) support
  • Procurement Card (P-Card Level II) support
  • CVV/CVV2/CIB support
  • New receipt masking/truncating requirements support
  • Meets all PCI Compliancy Standards

Supported ACH Transaction Types (Electronic Checks)

  • PPD (Business to Consumer)
  • CCD (Business to Business)
  • WEB (Web Initiated)
  • TEL (Telephone Initiated)
  • POP (Point of Presentment or POS)
  • ARC (Account Receivable or Lockbox)
  • RCK (Returned Check or NSF Check representment)
  • BOC (Back Office Conversion)
  • CIE (Customer Initiated Entry)
  • CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange)

Dollar and computer data

We first partnered with Access Payment Systems(APS) in 2003 to process our ACH transactions. We were processing our credit cards with another provider and decided to keep that relationship. We were looking for a solution to handle both single and recurring payment processing and at that time there were not many options for ACH processing. We were pleasantly surprised with the functionality of the Virtual Terminal APS provided and the available reporting options. Reporting for ACH processing is very important and having access to real-time reports displaying both funded and rejected items as they happen made a big difference.

After a few years, it became clear that we needed to become more efficient in processing all of our payments so we decided to combine both our ACH and credit card processing with APS using the same Virtual Terminal. That was a smart move both functionally and financially. We most certainly saved on our credit card rates moving to APS. As the years have passed the Virtual Terminal has had many upgrades and each new function is one more feature that makes my life easier. Keep in mind, this is an internet based system so any upgrade that happens doesn’t involve me downloading software. I just login to the system and all of the sudden the new feature is there. Best of all, upgrades are FREE!

Our relationship with APS is key to the success of our business and staying with them for over 7 years is a testimony to the quality of their products and customer service. As our needs grow, APS is there to grow with us. In fact, we are ready to change our processing method from entering the transactions into the Virtual Terminal ourselves to a web based customer initiated enrollment and APS has it covered. We enjoy working with APS and would refer them to anyone.

Piete Beckner, CFO
Association of American Educators

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