Fraud Prevention Solutions

At Access Payment Systems we provide the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date risk reduction tools on the market today. Whether you need to reduce the risk of accepting payments for the products or services you sell or you need to identify the validity of the customer you are about to enroll we can help. Other then providing credit scores we help you to tap into the largest known real time data base of customer data for both consumers and corporations you can find. At APS our solutions not only protect our clients but they also protect your clients.

No matter how your business operates we have applications and integrating capabilities to fit your business process. Our API allows one integration and simply choose the services needed once connected.  

Instead of using old aggregated data our provider pulls from multiple sources and updating records 7 to 8 times per day to give you the most accurate and up to date information available. Nothing compares to what we provide and the price point can’t be matched. Below is a list of services provided.

Identity Verification

With our identity verification we use multiple data sources to provide background information for both consumer and business identities to manage your risk, improve the underwriting process, abide by both OFAC and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements. Tapping into over 100,000 attributes with the most current data available puts your company in a stronger position to thrive while serving your clients and meeting their needs.

Mobile Verification

By tapping into the data provided by all the mobile phone carriers your company can verify the person connected to the phone number provided and with data that is current and not old aggregated data. This even allows you to track customer data across carriers whether it is a pre-paid or post-paid account. Even confirming the location of customer through the wonders of technology allows you to validate the legitimacy of a pending transaction.

Email and Social Media Verification

Connecting this with some of our other identity verification solutions can help to make a powerful suite of fraud prevention tools. Check names or addresses assigned to emails, email creation dates, age of email account and activity, fraud connected with emails and linked social media accounts.

Flexible yet powerful transaction tools

To make things even more powerful we offer a variety of transaction vehicles to meet the needs of your business. You can use our gateway to perform manual verification transactions. You can use our powerful and flexible API that allows you to simply choose one or many services provided with one integration. Lastly, you can even process in a batch format. There is lots of flexibility and even customization for whatever your needs you have.

Testing the Verification Tools

As with any company whether you are large or small testing our tools is important. We can provide access to services and in most cases the testing is free of charge. Of course, we don’t just let anyone have access to our services since we have compliancy issues to adhere to. Completing some simple forms can give you access to our providers data fairly quickly.

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