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Back in 1992 Ed and Carol Bullis began this Christian based ministry, which exist to serve the needs of the poor in Juarez, Mexico both physically and spiritually. This is primarily done through building homes for families that live in the poverty laden colonias outside of Juarez. The conditions these families live in would be difficult for any typical American to imagine. However, the program that Missions Ministries implemented involves groups of people typically coming from churches that travel to Juarez and build a 12 foot by 30 foot home in the course of 3 days. In some cases, businesses will use it as a team building tool and bring several employees to Juarez and change the life of a needy family.

Imagine living in a shack built out of card board and some pieces of wood that is typically about a 10 foot by 10 foot size dwelling. Combine this with no fresh water, no electricity and in the middle of a desert with frequent dust storms that make conditions quite horrible. Then a group of people show up and build a brand new home with wood framing, insulation, siding, windows, door entry, asphalt shingled roof, drywall on the inside and painted inside and out. All of this on top of a concrete slab with electricity and in some cases water. When the keys are handed over to the family the reactions are priceless and it stirs a lot of emotions. Below is a small caption taken directly from Missions Ministries site, which explains their mission.

Our ultimate goal is transformed lives and transformed communities, meeting the spiritual needs of “the least of these,” the hopeless ones, by partnering with local Pastors and their congregations to serve their communities. We build homes for the homeless, provide medical care for the sick and offer expanding educational support for the children in the poorest, most remote colonias of Juarez. Our short term mission trip is an adventure in faith and service as participants share a transformative team experience and make God’s love known in word and deed.

In 2008 Access Payment Systems partnered with Missions Ministries to expand their donation capabilities. As stated in their quote to the right they used to have the services of Pay Pal. Pay Pal serves it purpose but it isn’t a real merchant account. It can be very frustrating for companies that use Pay Pal and this was certainly the case with Missions Ministries. We provided them the ability to accept both credit cards and electronic checks in both a single and recurring transactions. It allowed them to accept donations over the phone or mailed in along with accepting donations from their website. Our easy to implement web donation tool allowed Missions Ministries to create a donation page that looks just like their own website and it already came with an SSL certificate. To see the donation page created from our gateway please visit their website at www.missionsministries.org. At the home page on the top menu click “Give”. On the “Give” page look for the “Donate Now” button in the middle of the page and click this. If you feel led to make a donation please feel free. It is a worthy cause.

Before our relationship with Access Payment Systems began we were using PayPal. I am glad we used PayPal but only because it helped me to appreciate Access Payment Systems program much more. I’ve gotten in a routine of pulling up the donations each week on my first day back in the office and it is really working great and the money automatically goes into our bank account. With PayPal, I had to request it to be transferred, which was one lump sum and very hard to reconcile as to which donations had been transferred to the bank.┬áPayPal caused me a lot of headaches when it came time to reconciling to the bank statement but the system that Access Payment Systems provided made it much easier for me. Access Payment Systems made accepting donations with credit cards and electronic checks easier for us and our donors plus the automated features are priceless. Even better is what we pay for transactions. We definitely saved money compared to PayPal. Combine all this with a wonderful customer service experience each time we need anything, which isn’t much. We truly value Access Payment Systems as a partner with us and look forward to working with them in the future.

Marilynn Deines, Book Keeping Missions Ministries


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