ACH Processing

Access Payment Systems has a variety of methods in which you can perform ACH Processing or also known as an Electronic Funds Transfer or Echeck. ACH Processing can be done for single or recurring transactions in both debits and credits in all categories such as PPD, CCD, TEL, WEB, ARC, POP, RCK, CIE and CTX. Soon we will also offer BOCĀ  also known as Check 21 or Remote Deposit Capture.

As always, APS provides transaction systems that are designed to process all payment types such as Credit Card Processing, Check Verification, Identity Verification in addition to ACH Processing. Of course, as an added benefit to all your ACH Processing you can include our Real Time Check Verification service to help reduce the risk of NSF ACH payments.


What is ACH Processing?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is a highly reliable and efficient method in which money is transferred electronically from one bank account to another. This is sometimes referred to as an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), electronic check, Internet check, etc. This is how direct deposit is done, or how monthly auto insurance premiums or health club memberships are deducted from bank accounts, or how checks written to pay bills are converted to electronic payments. Don’t confuse this with wire transfers such as Western Union or Money Gram. It is much cheaper and simply one of the best methods for any business to collect payments on services or products rendered.


ACH Billing KeysWhat Kind of ACH Processing Do You Need?

So what kind of business are you and how would you like to submit transactions? Access Payment Systems provides a variety of ACH transaction systems to fit your needs. The following list of products can help you in making this decision or at least help you to find what you are looking for. If you are not sure and need help deciding…give us a call at (877) 410-8447 or submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

  • Virtual Terminal – our most popular transaction system. Perfect for telephone order, mail order and some point-of-sale applications. This is an internet based transaction system that handles all payment types including credit card processing, ACH processing, check verification and identity verification. Extensive features allow your business to streamline your receivables process such as automated recurring transactions and future date transactions in addition to single transactions.
  • Ecommerce – our gateway has a full range of programming options to allow your company to design just about any transaction interface you need for Ecommerce or Software applications. A full Virtual Terminal comes with our gateway to access reporting and conduct transactions outside of your website. All payment types are available such as credit card processing, ACH processing, check verification and identity verification.
  • Donations Processing – this transaction system is designed for non-profits that helps to simplify the process of accepting donations from their website. This includes both single and recurring payment options for credit card processing and ACH processing.
  • Batch Processing – Depending on your business type you might prefer to batch your transactions rather then using a real-time transactions system. Our batch processing system offers a variety of features to streamline your transaction process and it is available in credit card processing, ACH processing and check verification.
  • Point-of-Sale – we have credit card terminals, check imagers & readers, credit card wedges and printers for all application types. Types of ACH processing might include electronic check conversion and coming soon is Remote Deposit Capture or Check 21.


ACH Debit/Credit Payment Examples

  • Telephone initiated payments
  • Mail Order payments
  • Internet Checks or Web Initiated payments
  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Direct Deposit for payroll, commissions, employee reimbursement
  • Point-of-Sale Check Conversion
  • Back office Check Conversion
  • Lock Box

For the most part, any business that already accepts credit cards should also accept ACH payments. Compared to credit card processing or wire transfers ACH processing is the cheapest method in which to move money. Merchants that offer ACH payments to their customers can not only lower their transaction cost but also increase customer retention by offering additional payment options. ACH processing is a rapidly growing payment method for good reason.

Examples of Businesses Using ACH Processing Payments

Charitable Donations – Health Clubs – Waste Companies – Collection Services – Dental Practices – Medical Offices – Chiropractors – Clubs/Associations – Tax Preparation – Book Keeping/Accounting – Colleges/Universities – Private/Public Schools – Daycare Providers – Alarm Services – Attorneys – Martial Art Studios – Dance Studios – Rent-to-Own Stores – Financial Services – Mortgage Companies – Payroll Services – Apartments – Equipment Leasing – Merchant Account Providers – Ecommerce Sales – Government

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