3 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success.


3 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success.

Mobile is everywhere today, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones. Now that a majority of consumers are using mobile phones to access the Internet, the need to go mobile is greater than ever. Mobile marketing is therefore crucial to attracting a digital audience hooked onto their handsets. It is crucial to offer mobile payments if you are an online retailer. By marketing your business as a forward looking tech savvy business using newer and more secure technology, you attract more customers to your online store.

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1. Mobile Responsive Website

The need of the hour is for mobile-friendly sites so you can cater to a wider audience. Marketers that failed to turn their websites mobile responsive are already feeling the heat. It’s going to be a tough journey ahead. If you have already taken the necessary precautions, it is easier to move forward to optimize your user experience on mobile. This includes streamlining the checkout process, which makes it easier for customers to pay.

Remember, mobile users are more eager to get things done quickly. A page that takes too long to load can dissuade them to look for other faster alternatives. It is therefore important to reduce the length of your bandwidth to speed up loading time. The prime purpose behind creating a mobile-friendly site is to encourage customers to make purchase immediately, without leaving an opportunity to rethink. It has been observed that customers that get time to rethink often tend to re-shelve products.

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2. Offer Deals and Coupons

Coupons are attractive to customers. According to a recent survey, 96 percent of participants agreed to having used coupons. It is a great way to incentivize your mobile audience with coupons. Statistics show that the redemption rate of mobile coupons is ten times more than that clipped from magazines.

Adding coupon codes can help boost revenue. Additionally, you could use text and email push-notifications to spread the word about your latest deals. Another mobile marketing strategy is to send deals to customers’ mobile when they are in the proximity of your store. Or you could send promotional messages when they have just visited a site.

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3. Accept Payment through Mobile Payments

Consumers prefer convenient transactions. The availability of mobile payments can improve their overall shopping experience.  It is one feature that can make or break a deal for most millennials. So you would want to make the crossover immediately to stay relevant and boost sales. Give customers the option of mobile payments securely to alleviate their concerns about the risk of mobile purchases. Educate them on your mobile payment platform’s security and privacy features. That will help secure customer trust in mobile payments.

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Bonus Tip: Use Smart Payment Options for your Business

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Bottom Line

When your (potential) customers see the great deals that you offer, they are likely to browse for more products. As they browse with ease because of your well set up mobile responsive online store, they are sure to buy and help you boost sales. The ease of browsing, buying and paying you for the products they buy will cause a chain reaction and your customers will help market your products to family and friends also. It’s a win – win!


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