5 Best Reasons to Use Online Bill Payment.


5 Best Reasons to Use Online Bill Payment.


Online bill payment is an easy, hassle-free way to pay off your outstanding bills, which may include mortgages, tuition fee, credit card bills, rent, loans, utility bills, etc. Paying bills online is one of the best electronic payment methods out there and it offers you many advantages – from saving you time and money spent on postage and stamp charges to offering you safety from theft or loss of checks and other mail fraud. You need to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills on time. If you don’t, it isn’t the end of the world. But checking your finances beforehand can make all the difference. If it comes to it, knowing you have the option to look into something like debt consolidation loan Chase could help you out in the long run.


Here are the 5 best reasons to use online bill payment:


1. Credit Card Payments

Using a credit card for paying your bills offers you a number of advantages. While you save time otherwise lost in traveling from one place to another, this type of payment processing is highly secure. If you are short on funds, your credit card can certainly come to your rescue, so you can make payment, without having to worry about overdraft from your account. Not only this, you can easily spot billing errors. It is important to keep an eye on your payment information, so all the details are up to date.


2. Environmental Benefits – Go Green!

When you choose to make online bill payments, you are doing your bit toward the cause of protecting the environment. Paper checks, postage stamps, and envelopes are a big burden on the environment. By choosing this online payment method, you are saving earth’s resources. This also helps you save money otherwise spent on buying checks, stamps, and envelopes.

You can also choose to receive the payment receipt electronically and save paper. Less paper use means less paper waste in landfills and fewer receipts to store. This also means less energy expenditure on printing, mailing, processing, and transporting paper.

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3. Quick, Safe, Easy

Paying your cable or utility bills was never so easy before. With the online payment option, paying your outstanding bills with credit cards or eChecks (ACH) is a matter of minutes. An increasing number of merchants are accepting credit cards and electronic checks, which means you can use plastic and debits direct from you bank account to make online bill payments, including utility, rent, or mortgage.

Online payment processing is quicker, easier, and hassle free compared to the check-stamp-mail method. It is easy to set up monthly payments through the billing provider or your bank, so you never have to pay late fees again, saving you time, money, and frustration. The best thing about online transactions is that they process faster than the mailed ones.

While there is a security risk associated with electronic payment processing, the risk of mail theft is no less either. Checks and paper statements physically floating through the mail box could fall in the wrong hands. The less the paper work, the better!

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4. Bill Consolidation

You may want to choose bill consolidation services, so you can see all of your bills at one place. Some third party services include PayTrust, Billeo, and MyCheckFree. This could save you time in jumping from one website to another. Most banks offer that too.

As a result, all of your bills are collected, e-mailed, and posted to your account. You may automate payments from your accounts or choose to manually make online bill payments.

Of course, such services come for a price and you may have to make a monthly payment to use such services. Nevertheless it’s a small price in return for the benefits and convenience.

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5. Easy Organization

When you make electronic payments, you get a clear picture of your records and outstanding payments. There is enough data / information to check if something is amiss. You may choose a third-party payment and bill consolidation service for instant viewing of outstanding payments. It’s like having a professional organizer at work for you! When the time comes for preparing your tax returns, most of these bank or third party billing services cna generate a year end statement for you to make it easy for tax filing.


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