ACH Volume Grows to Hit 25.6 Billion Transactions in 2016.


ACH Volume Grows to Hit 25.6 Billion Transactions in 2016.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) volume has registered another high, growing by over 1 billion transactions last year, according to NACHA. In 2016, traffic on the network hit 25.6 billion transactions, with ACH volume growing by 5.3% since the last year. A major chunk of this includes on-us transactions.

If you exclude on-US and direct-send traffic, the total value of remaining ACH transactions was 20.3 billion. Surprisingly, users moved $43.7 trillion in ACH value in 2016 – the figure growing by 5.1% since the previous year.

Here are some other statistics on same-day ACH from the NACHA 2016 report:

  • 13 million transactions in same-day volume, which was worth $17 billion
  • 52% in direct deposits
  • 32% in business-to-business transactions
  • 13% in person-to-person payments
  • 2% consumer bill payments

The statistics show a significant growth in the use of same-day ACH, which means consumers at large are taking full advantage of it.

The ACH volume growth trend is expected to continue when Same Day ACH Debits are actually launched in September.

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Other ACH Highlights

  • Ever since the introduction of WEB credit, Person 2 Person payments have jumped 39%. On the other hand, growth has been reported in WEB debits, which includes online purchases, accounting for 4.58 billion transactions. Of the total ACH network volume, the WEB credits and debits make up 23%.
  • There has been a constant decline in paper transactions, as an increasing number of consumers prefer to abandon check writing. This is clearly apparent in the decline in ARC by 8.3%. The ARC or Accounts Receivable Conversion is a code to electronically convert checks received against a payment. The decline in ARC accounted for 1.35 billion transactions.
  • Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., and U.S. Bancorp, The emerged as the top five ACH originators. They registered significant ACH volume growth in 2016 (excluding on-us).
  • The ACH Network quality was stable. This was quite explicit in the average unauthorized debit return rate, which remained stable at 0.03%.

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The NACHA board met in Austin, Texas, from April 23 to 26 as part of its annual conference schedule. The focus of this year’s meeting was Faster Payments. Additionally, the members discussed solutions and developments in Same Day ACH, real-time payments, and faster payments capabilities.


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