Boost your eCommerce Store's Trust Factor.

Boost your eCommerce Store’s Trust Factor.

With online activity booming worldwide, most online customers are making use of electronic payments. Online data theft and fraud is also on the rise. Some customers are becoming wary of online shopping . In order to maintain online sales you must boost your eCommerce Store’s Trust Factor. You must show your customers (and prospective customers) that you do business securely and maintain good online security practices. One way of doing this could be listening to your customer’s wants and needs and helping to keep up with their demand, with product analytics / Heap Analytics and other similar companies, could help with this.

1. Incorporate Trust and Security Seals

You must ensure that your eCommerce store is secure and you are using an SSL Certificate over HTTPS. Display Trust Badges and Security Seals from McAfee, Norton Secured, VeriSign or any other trusted security portal seal of your country. Also display Security Seals from your Electronic Payment Provider so that customers know how secure their payment transactions are and their personal data will not be stolen.

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2. Show Customer Satisfaction and Social Proof

Include customer testimonials on your eCommerce store in order to show that you have satisfied customers who have already placed their trust in you. Include the total number of “5 Star” Satisfied Customers and some of their Testimonials. Also include the number of orders shipped so far. All this shows your credibility as a legitimate, known eCommerce business.

You can go so far as to include your social media comments about your products and your business. If people are talking about your business, it is good for others to know because word of mouth builds trust.

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3. Maintain and Advertise Your Quality of Service

For accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) members, don’t be afraid to display your BBB badge with the link to your BB profile with confidence! This indicates that you are a verified business and shows your track record and greatly helps in boosting the trust factor for your online business.

Keeping these points in mind will give you an A+ rating with your BBB.

  • Honest and Accurate representation of products and services that you sell
  • Easy Access to your Customer Service teams as well as timely responses
  • Clarity in disclosure of all the Terms and Conditions for Returns and Exchanges as well as Refunds.

If you are looking for more ways to promote the quality of your service, you might also want to reach out to a digital marketing agency such as Ram Digital who can ensure your online presence is not only eye-catching, but trustworthy and professional. For more information, go to httpss://
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4. Clearly Advertise Your Policies

It is extremely important to have a Privacy policy so that your customers know how you handle their personal data. Privacy policies should not be one sided, but should protect you as well as your customers. Under no circumstances are customers willing to give up their right to their privacy. So, make sure your policies do not include sharing or selling customer contact info.

Also display these guarantees or policies if you have them:

  • Money Back guarantees – are a great way to increase customer confidence
  • Return and Refund policies – let customers know that it will be easy
  • Price Matching competitors’ prices – gets customers to buy with confidence

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Bonus Tip: Use Smart Payment Options for your Business

When selling online, you will need a way to accept online payments from your customers . For that you will need to know What Payment Options Do Consumers Want for eCommerce. Let Access Payment Systems help with our electronic payment solutions and merchant gateway. We provide a Virtual Terminal to make it easy for you to manage your merchant account. Let us help you with our FREE Merchant Account Analysis offer. We’ll analyze your merchant account rates and let you know how to Save!

Bottom Line

If your customers trust your business, they will be your loyal customers for the long run. So, invest in security and show your customers that you value their trust.

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