When your customers purchase from your business, they want to be able to pay in the easiest way possible. While some do still write checks, that practice is decreasing every day. Credit cards, and increasingly mobile payments allow a shopper to get in and out in no time.

And while your business has probably been accepting credit cards for years, is your credit card terminal up to date? Does it allow you to accept credit cards in the easiest way possible for you – and for your customers?

Choosing the right credit card terminal for your business does not have to be difficult – you just have to remember some key points.

Terminal or no terminal – depending on your particular business, you may or may not need a terminal. All you need to do is swipe the card or enter the card numbers. Receipts are printed, one for you and one for the customer. Terminals are handy for face-to-face transactions and even for those that take place online or over the phone.

What type of terminal – once you decide if you even need a terminal, you have to choose a terminal type. Some terminals can handle multiple merchant accounts, making them a good choice for businesses that share a credit card terminal. Businesses in need of a POS terminal or tablet for your business can consider the products from KIOSK.

Phone or Internet – many credit card terminals use a phone line for processing transactions. Newer terminals utilize the internet. Determine which type of access you need for your terminal. In cases where you do not have phone or internet access, you can opt for a wireless terminal.

ATM cards – to be able to accept ATM and debit cards, you will need a pin pad so customers can enter their pin number. Determine if you want this added capability or if you only want to accept credit transactions.

Price – consider the price of the credit card terminal before you purchase it. Choose the terminal that fits your needs, as well as your budget. You may want to consider leasing a terminal, rather than purchasing it outright.

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