When you are trying to get visitors to make donations on your website, it can be a tedious process. Finding ways to convince visitors to contribute to your site and making sure that the donation process is user-friendly can be difficult. The following tips can help you increase donations on your website and help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Have someone “test” the donation process – When visitors are met with a difficult or confusing donation process, they are more likely to give up. Find a friend or coworker that is willing to test your donation process. Have them write down what they like and dislike about the process so you can make any needed changes.

Review your website – You can have the most user-friendly donation process in the world but if your website lacks a welcoming feeling, you are going to lose visitors. Review your website regularly and have others review it, as well. Make sure that the site is easy to navigate and easy to understand. You want your visitors to have no problem understanding the cause and finding their way to the donation page.

Give multiple paths to the donation page without being too pushy – Make sure that every page of your website has a clearly marked area that will lead visitors to the donation page. However, do not be overly pushy about donating. State your cause and your reasons concisely and visitors will donate. Make them feel overwhelmed and forced into donating and they will quickly leave your site.

Avoid listing steps in the donation process – While listing steps can be useful, when a visitor is making a donation, they may get discouraged if they see there are six more steps to go. Instead, focus on making the donation process as simple and painless as possible. Your visitors will not be worried about how much further they have to go if each step is easy to understand and complete.

The most important thing you can remember is to create a site that you would like and a donation process that you would be willing to complete. Having friends or family members give you their honest opinions is a great way to ensuring that your site and donation process are the most user-friendly on the web.

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